Benchmark business start up support


I think everyone at some point has felt frustrated working for a particular manger or company. It may be feeling professionally stifled and unfulfilled or the desire to make the big decisions on strategy and approach. For most it is a passing annoyance for others the beginnings of the desire to create their own company.

Having walked that path I know how uncertain and confusing it can seem. How do I set up a business , what tax do I have to pay ? Should I be a sole trader or a limited company, What about my accounts ? How do I utilise social media to promote my business , how do I create a business strategy ? All of these questions will be filling your head along with the concerns over mortgage payments ,bills etc. All of these questions and more are things that should be considered before setting up a business.

Benchmark can provide a full assessment and give support to any person thinking of establishing their own company. We will help you navigate the path to setting up your company , answering these confusing questions and introducing you to trusted partners.

Benchmark will help you produce a full business plan to establish firstly if the market will support your business and how best to sell you services. Once we have established that the service or product you are providing is in demand and that you can be competitive. A business strategy will be developed for the first six months of trading.

After the initial sessions Benchmark will be on call to provide on going support as your business expands and develops.