Providing cost effective assistance to businesses of whatever size or discipline to help you achieve the standards and working practices to improve efficiency, competitiveness, motivation and profitability.

Benchmark Business Consulting – Principal Consultant

  • Utilizing the experience I have gained over a wide range of industries, to help business to improve their performance and delivery. Undertaking contract roles and fixed term contracts. Working directly with business leaders to provide consultancy expertise to C level and managers of business units.
  • Specializing in the following areas:
    • Project and programme, design and delivery
    • Project and programme, governance and recovery
    • Business transformation, gap analysis and transition planning
    • Manufacturing process improvement – Time to market
    • Continuous improvement – Lean, Kaizen, process mapping
    • Risk management, Business wide risk and infrastructure
    • Root cause analysis investigations – 5 whys, Pareto Analysis, Ishikawa
    • Health and safety – Audit and infrastructure
    • Design and engineering – Team management and delivery control
    • Business continuity – Impact analysis and strategy

Safran Landing Systems (UK) – Programme Manager

Continuous Improvement Programme

  • Programme delivered a 1.2 million pound saving in process improvements and cost reduction
  • Management of a team of SME and lean/six sigma project managers
  • Building a culture of efficient delivery and flexibility to risks and issues
  • Using a Boston matrix to prioritise projects to place resource onto most beneficial projects
  • Implementing are you ready and gateway reviews
  • Delivering a variety of projects from process improvements, cost reduction and IT software upgrades
  • Conducting training sessions for existing and new project manager to ensure common practice across business
  • Design and implementation of a project methodology and reporting system

Safran Landing Systems – (International) Programme Manager

Business Transformation Programme for Joint Venture

  • Programme deliverables:
    • Initial identification of present state
    • Gap analysis and transition planning to achieve future state
    • Delivery and governance structures
    • Cultural analysis of business to support implementation of the organisational transition model
    • Embedding change and process to create an environment of sustainability for new business practice and attitudes
  • Management of a team of project managers and Business analysts across all business functions
  • Developing and identifying talent within the Joint venture to create sustainability

Fabric Architecture – Programme Manager

  • P&L responsibility for the programme budget for all projects
  • Client facing manager for key stakeholders internally and externally
  • Programme manager of design, manufacture and installation of structures worldwide
    • Schedule and delivery management of the design and engineering team
  • Multiple projects of varying value from £20,000 to £ 2.5 million
  • Strategic management of North American and Middle East sales teams
    • Inquiry conversion KPI
    • Sales conversion KPI
  • Full profit and loss budget responsibility
    • External review from auditors and customers
    • Internal review

Fujitsu/Installation Technology – Project/Programme Manager

  • Managing bid, RFQ and procurement process
    • Management of supply chain
  • Reporting to the Project Board for three work streams
  • Monitoring and implementing PMO policy
  • Planning stages and designing and assessing work packages with project managers on London Underground infrastructure
  • Working as stakeholder manager for Transport for London, Fujitsu and CBS outdoor

HM Forces World Wide

  • Serving as a Senior Non Commissioned officer in the Gloucestershire Regiment and the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment
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